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This section of our website provides links to outside resources that may be helpful to victims of crime, their families, friends, first responders, and other related parties.

Akron Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (ASAKI)

The ASAKI team, comprised of detectives, victim advocates, and prosecutors, investigates cold case sexual assaults using newly obtained DNA evidence Learn More

Client Rights & Grievances

Read our Client Rights Handbook here and download our Grievance Form here.

Crime victim rights

Ohio revised code provides specific rights to victims of crime. Learn More

Protection orders

Victims of domestic violence have the right to apply for a civil order of protection. Learn More

Summit County Collaborative Against Human Trafficking

Volunteers and the professional community partner up to address the growing issue of Human Trafficking in Summit County. Learn More

Technology Safety

Technology safety tools are always improving and can help victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking feel secure online. Learn more

Victim Assistance Program's Resource Materials

Download our suite of marketing materials, as well as helpful victimization fact sheets here.

Victims' compensation

Ohio's Victim of Crime Compensation program reimburses crime victims. Learn More

Victim information and notification everyday (VINE)

VINE is a program providing users with the ability to search for information about an offender's custody status. Learn More

Website Privacy Policy

Read our full Website Privacy Policy here.

2015 Akron/Canton Backpage Report

The Akron/Canton Backpage Report provides an analysis of sex trafficking in Northeast Ohio. Learn More

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