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Summit Victim Assistance Academy

The Summit Victim Assistance Academy is an educational service provided by the historic Victim Assistance Program of Summit County, Ohio. SVAA utilizes an expert training team led by Evelyn S Williams, PhD, MEd, CA (Director of Educational Services.) The focus of SVAA is three-fold: education and awareness of services to the community; training for allied professionals and victim advocates; and on-going Victim Assistance Program staff training and wellness.

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The Essentials of Victim Advocacy

The Essentials of Victim Advocacy is a nationally approved comprehensive online and in-person training of its kind offered in the state of Ohio, for assisting individuals in becoming a comprehensive National Credentialed Advocate.

Participants who complete the 44-hour hybrid learning course will become equipped to use National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) crisis intervention model to assist individuals impacted by victimization or traumatic events. In addition, participants will increase their knowledge about the judicial system, victims’ rights as well as resources available for both victims and the advocate providing the service.

Who should attend?

The Essentials is open to all those in the helping profession who may have the need to assist someone who has experienced trauma. Law enforcement, social workers, counselors, attorneys, medical personnel, first responders, clergy, students, and of course victim advocates should attend. This training is required for all individuals who intern with Victim Assistance Program.

What topics will be covered?

  • History of the Victims’ Rights Movement
  • Crisis & Trauma: Physiological and Psychological effects
  • Individualized Crisis Intervention
  • Children Who Witness Violence
  • Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Child Abuse, Elder Abuse, Identity Theft, Missing Persons, Stalking
  • Unexpected Deaths: Homicide, Suicide, DUI, Sudden Death
  • Crime Scene Response
  • Judicial System: Court Advocacy and Victims’ Rights
  • Victim Compensation
  • VINE-Victim Information and Notification Everyday
  • Protection Orders
  • Vicarious Trauma, Burnout, Resiliency Building
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Corporate Essentials

Corporate Essentials was designed to assist Human Resource and management professionals who are often called on to support employees dealing with victimization, personal tragedy, or the impact of trauma. Recognizing that many staff members feel unprepared to offer this type of support, “Corporate Essentials” is a 12-hour course that offers best-practice trauma-informed education and practical application activities to equip your team with the skills needed to offer crisis intervention in the workplace. “Corporate Essentials” can be scheduled in a customized fashion, either in-person, virtually, or hybrid, to best meet your training needs. Take a moment to watch this short video to learn more about “Corporate Essentials” – the course designed to comprehensively prepare you and your team.

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Customized Training

Are you in need of professional training on a specific topic? Are you or your staff in need of continuing education credits to maintain social work licensures? Or are you looking for a unique training to enhance your skills?

Victim Assistance Program’s Training Team can customize presentations to fit your needs.

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