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Corporate Essentials

Corporations are recognizing that whether a crisis occurs in the workplace or in one’s personal life, it will have a profound impact on the worker, and ultimately, on the workplace. SVAA has developed “Corporate Essentials” to support leadership in the aftermath of a crisis by providing education and skill building for having trauma-informed conversations in the workplace.

Corporate Essentials is a 12-hour course, delivered using a hybrid format of in-person or live virtual, and online instruction, presented over five sessions that can be scheduled in a variety of frameworks that best meet your agency’s needs. Our goal is to reinforce each attendee’s understanding and application of crisis intervention and support so that they are prepared when a staff member presents in crisis. This course will help answer the question, “What do I say before giving someone in crisis the number for EAP?”

Who should attend?

Corporate Essentials is designed for company staff who have the most contact with a company’s most valuable resource, employees- the individuals that help our companies grow and thrive! This course is designed to assist those in Human Resources, Workplace Wellness, supervisors, and those in leadership roles to communicate with a staff who shows up in crisis, whether it is a traumatic event that just happened, or one in which the individual is in the aftermath and seeking support.

What to Expect

Sample Agenda

What topics will be covered?

  • Crisis Intervention through a Trauma-informed Lens
  • Trauma’s Impact on Vulnerable Communities
  • Crisis Intervention & Beyond
  • Impacts of Death & Grief
  • Suicide: Prevention & Response
  • Intersection of Trauma & Outside Systems
  • Burnout & Resiliency Building
  • Putting Our Skills into Practice


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