Addressing Traumatic Events In Our Community

Candlelight Vigils

We coordinate with law enforcement, assist with parking permits, supply candles and tissues, arrange media presence, and help schedule speakers. There is no cost for our assistance.

Community Meetings

When the community is impacted by a traumatic event, Victim Assistance staff can provide a formal group crisis intervention or presentation to help the community regain the control that was lost as a result of the trauma.

Neighborhood Canvases

In neighborhoods adversely affected by violent crime, we canvas homes, apartments and businesses. We provide information, rumor control, safety awareness and group crisis interventions. Examples include apartments or houses where a homicide has occurred, or neighborhoods where a traumatic incident has taken place.

School Support

Victim Assistance provides support to faculty in the aftermath of a traumatic event using the NOVA Community Response Model.

Increasing Awareness

Block Watch Meetings

In collaboration with the Akron Police Department’s COPS Program (Community Oriented Policing), we speak at block watch meetings, offering tips about how to remain safe. If you are involved in a block watch group, we’d love to attend.

Coalition And Advisory Committees

Victim Assistance Program is proud to ensure victims in Summit County are being thought of when policies and programs are being created. VAP staff sit on fifteen plus committees and coalitions to ensure victims needs are being addressed.

  • Summit County Emergency Management Agency
  • Summit County Collaborative Against Human Trafficking
  • Summit Count Domestic Violence Coalition
  • Summit County Juvenile Court – Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative
  • Summit County Juvenile Court – Restore Court Executive Committee
  • Summit County Sexual Assault Coalition
  • Summit County Sexual Assault Response Team

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